SDG Watch Austria Thematic Initiatives

The thematic initiatives are a focal point of the SDG Watch Austria platform aiming to create space for the active cooperation of all member organizations within the framework of the SDG Watch Austria platform. Thematic initiatives are initiated by member organizations or the steering group of SDG Watch Austria.

Active thematic initiatives:


The Education Initiative brings together NPOs which focus on SDG 4 and in particular SDG 4.7 (Education for Sustainable Development). The meetings serve to exchange information on political processes, activities and materials.

Contact: Maria Lettner (

Local level

What and who does it take to support the implementation of Agenda 2030 at the local level - in cities, municipalities and regions? How can the political, economic, social and environmental added value of Agenda 2030 be communicated to local decision-makers? Questions such as these are addressed by the Local Level Initiative.

Contact: Nadia Prauhart ( & Florian Leregger ( )

Zur besseren Übersicht über die Aktivitäten zur Implementierung der Agenda 2030 auf lokaler Ebene erstellte die Themeninitiative Lokale Ebene eine Sammlung der aktuellen Angebote und Initiativen in diesem Bereich.

For a better overview of activities regarding the implementation of the Agenda 2030 at the local level, the Local Level  Initiative compiled a collection (in German) of current initiatives in this field.


The Economy Initiative asks how the SDGs can contribute to a sustainable economic development that promotes decent work for all, sustainable industrialization and sustainable consumption and production patterns. Hereby, the sustainability of the associated targets are under scrutiny as well. The Economy Initiative also provides an opportunity to explore how (manufacturing) companies can use the SDGs as a framework to live up to their corporate responsibility by designing, managing, communicating, and reporting on strategies, goals, and business activities.

Contact: Fritz Hinterberger (


Picture: Evelyn Knoll